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Sleep is commonly understood to be one of the most important factors contributing to human health and well-being. The quality of rest you get every night is critical to living a happier and healthier life. Our team of sleep experts can help you understand what is missing from your current sleep environment and design a total solution that infuses wellness into every part of your day, from the moment you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

We provide state-of-the-art sleep and wellness products that provide the greatest comfort and ergonomics for your body, resulting in an optimal sleeping space. From the DreamFit™ sheets and L&P adjustable beds to the OH Air MySpace Purification System, all of our products are designed to minimize sleep disturbances, create a supportive environment, and promote restful nights.


We are truly passionate about life-changing sleep which is why our platform has been specifically designed to optimize the interaction between an individual and their bedroom environment, thus promoting quality rest.

Rejuuv and our products are the culmination of three decades of research and development, resulting in an entirely new and enhanced sleep experience.

Our products include:

  1. L&P Adjustable Beds: L&P adjustable beds are an essential part of a holistic sleep system and a key ingredient for high-quality rest. At the touch of a button, your bed can adjust to whatever position you want, effortlessly enhancing your comfort.
  2. DreamFit™ Sheets: The patented DreamFit™  construction ensures that you never lose another night’s sleep due to an improperly fitting sheet. The innovative features, such as corner straps and extra-strength elastic guarantee a perfect fit on any depth mattress.
  3. INADA Massage Chairs: Are you looking for complete and total relaxation? INADA massage chairs are the answer! Not only will these massage chairs eliminate fatigue, but they will also instantly renew your energy at the simple push of a button.
  4. OH Air MySpace Purification System: This is an exceptionally fast, safe, and effective air and surface treatment system which removes 99.99% of surface and air pathogens, including COVID-19.

Whenever you purchase a product from us, you will enjoy state-of-the-art sleep and wellness technology that will give you the sleep quality you’ve always dreamed of.

We Provide Highly Tailored Services 

When you visit us, we will ask you a list of questions to better understand what you are missing from your current sleep environment. This will allow us to carefully curate a sleeping space that is supportive of quality rest and your optimal well-being.

Our Team Can Help You Make The Right Product Selection 

Rejuuv customers will get an expert consultation on how to choose the right products for their unique needs. Our team will educate you on what is important for your particular physiology, therapeutic condition, age, and body composition.

Innovative and Advanced Sleep Products

The performance capability of our products is second to none. They are all scientifically measured and comparable to the best products on the market worldwide. Visit us and test them out yourself!

With our services and products, we help you rebuild the perfect sleep routine, take charge of your health, and sustain vitality and your overall well-being.


Sleep plays a regenerative role for both your mind and your body and it can affect you in many more ways than you think. In fact, sleep may be one of the most important activities we engage in to maintain peak physical and mental performance. 

At Rejuvv, we aim to connect finely crafted luxury with science and technology, collectively delivering an unparalleled sleep experience to our customers.

We can create the optimal sleep experience because: 

  • Rejuuv and its products are a culmination of three decades of research and development, resulting in an enhanced sleep experience 
  • We use advanced engineering to satisfy the main criteria for an optimal sleep environment, boosting your quality of life
  • We have extensive knowledge in this field and know how to help you achieve the right pressure relief, biomechanical support, and temperature neutrality needed to rest effectively

Because our products are so advanced, they are able to achieve incomparable levels of ergonomic support, muscular relaxation, and tactile comfort. The net result is a deeper and improved rest, so you wake up with less stiffness and much more energy.


Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve the quality of sleep you’ve always dreamed of. Once you have booked your appointment for an in-depth consultation, we can show you the products that will best improve your overall well-being. 

We Educate You About Your Sleep 

Our team is highly knowledgeable and passionate about helping you achieve the best possible sleep experience. During your consultation, we will educate you on the different aspects of your sleep, including how: 

  • Poor quality sleep affects your well-being
  • Your sleep environment affects your sleep quality
  • Air quality affects your sleep and well-being
  • Sound affects your sleep and well-being
  • Materials and textiles affect sleep and well being

All of our information is delivered in a user-friendly and personable way, making every step of your journey to optimal sleep as easy and simple as possible. 

Your Retail Journey Experience 

At Rejuuv, we aim to make your shopping experience as educational, transformative, positive, and fun as possible. Our journey layout will take you through a predetermined path on the exciting and unique Rejuuv Experience. 

This will allow you to enjoy a seamless flow of information and exposure to our advanced sleep products, while also having the chance to visit different areas in the showroom space that catch your interest.

Our areas include: 

  • Area 1: Transitional Area
  • Area 2: Rejuuv Overall Wall 
  • Area 3: Sleep and Wellness Area 
  • Area 4: The Rejuvv Environment Experience 
  • Area 5: Any additional promotions/education pieces 
  • Area 6: Our Affiliates (Hospitality, Chiropractors, and other Health Professionals) 
  • Area 7: Closing Area/Checkout 

Our information is conveyed via video, a digital presentation allowing for intimate 1-on-1 presentations and the ultimate shopping experience. The retail journey experience and sales path apply to both online and in-person appointments. 


Leading a healthy, productive life starts with getting a good night’s sleep and in today’s fast-paced, over-stimulated world, doing so is becoming increasingly difficult. We are becoming more sleep-deprived than ever and it’s taking a toll on our every waking hour.

That’s where Rejuuv Environments comes in. Not only do we carry a range of industry-leading sleep products, such as the INADA massage chairs and DreamFit sheets, but our team of sleep experts also provides fully personalized consultations to help you curate a peaceful, rejuvenating, and healthy environment that makes every sleeping and waking moment the best it can be. Contact our team today or view or suite of products below.


Rejuuv is committed to helping you discover what's missing from your sleep environment and advise on what you need to invest in to create a superior sleeping experience. When you choose Rejuuv Environments you can rest easy knowing that you've partnered with our team of experienced sleep experts providing world-class products.


All Rejuuv customers will receive expert consultation on the most important criteria when crafting their ideal sleep environment. We help you find the right, world-class Rejuuv products that will provide optimal ergonomics and comfort for your particular physiology, age, and body composition, thus resulting in a next-level sleep experience.


Our sleep experts are more than happy to offer knowledge, tips, and tools for getting better, more fulfilling rest. We know that being well-rested is essential to not just getting through the day but thriving in it. We can educate you on the different sleep systems and products to find what is best for your body.


We are committed to curating the most comfortable and advanced sleep products from quality manufacturers. All of our products are industry-leading and crafted from years of expertise and research, ensuring you achieve the perfect space to sleep for you and your family.


We want to make it as easy and simple for you to create your dream sleeping environment which is why our shopping experience is designed to be as educational, transformative, positive, and fun as possible. You’ll even be able to test out all the products to ensure you find exactly what you need.


We've been trusted by our customers to provide an industry-leading experience backed by world-class products to create and support optimal sleep environments. Take a look at what some of our valued customers have had to see about working with our team at Rejuuv Environments.


Mike A. Jan 8, 2021

Gord and his team at Rejuuv Environmentals were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their knowledge of sleep systems ad air pucrification products was invaluable. I would highly recomment!


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Our team has always been driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits that it brings to the body and soul. At Rejuuv Environments, we provide you with the resources, information, and world-class products you need to achieve the optimal night’s sleep, recharge your energy and tackle the day ahead. Headquartered in Calgary, AB, we are proud to serve all of Canada.


We know that every person has different needs when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. That’s why we believe in creating a personalized sleeping space that is adapted to each customer and our products can provide the optimal ergonomics, comfort, and support to help you achieve excellent sleep, night after night.  To get started, contact us at (403) 252-4146 or fill in our online contact form.