Inada Massage Chairs

In 1962 in Osaka, Japan, INADA created one of the earliest massage chair models. Now, more than half a century later, INADA continues to revolutionize the industry with its unrivaled innovation and designs, expertly crafting massage chairs that provide deep relaxation, total relief, and a renewed sense of well-being. 

By combining the power of ancient shiatsu healing techniques with state-of-the-art Japanese ingenuity and technology, the entire range of INADA massage chairs optimally enhance your health and well-being by restoring tired muscles, lowering stress levels, and improving your sleep quality, helping you live a happier and more fulfilled life.


Are aches and pains, poor sleep, and stress becoming commonplace in your life? Having an INADA massage chair in your home could be the answer! At the simple push of a button, this superb range of high-quality, luxury massage chairs can remove fatigue, soothe any aching muscles, improve sleep quality, and boost your total well-being. 

Why You Need an INADA Massage Chair In Your Home 

INADA is a trusted Japanese manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience making massage chairs. Decades of research and development, with the help of medical professionals, have culminated in making the perfect massage chair. 

In fact, the INADA range includes the world-renowned Sogno DreamWave Massage Chair. The Sogno’s precise massage movements have been expertly choreographed by Shiatsu master, Hideyo Matsuura, to deliver a transcendent, effective, and skillful massage. It’s no wonder it’s the world’s best massage chair. 

Here are some reasons why you need an INADA massage chair in your home: 

  • A True Shiatsu Massage Experience: INADA massage programs are designed from scratch by massage experts to recreate proven massage techniques with robotics. Every INADA product is designed to deliver a shiatsu-style massage, which helps remove tension and stiffness, maximize relief, and give users an avenue to escape the stress of everyday life. 
  • Medical Grade Therapy: INADA collaborates with ten medical research facilities and seven universities to design massage programs with the maximum health benefit. The product line can provide posture correction, neck traction, stretching, targeted therapeutic massage, full body massage therapy, and daily stress reduction. 
  • Excellent Design: The INADA range of massage chairs have been expertly designed and crafted to fit naturally into your interior as a multi-functional furniture piece. It even comes in a variety of neutral colors, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your home and lifestyle. 
  • Quality and Reliability: The INADA massage chairs are all built with a 20 year plus lifespan. All the products undergo thorough testing and must be able to run continuously for 2500 hours, translating into over 10,000 individual massage sessions! 


Massage is a highly effective way of maintaining optimal physical and mental health, and it has many therapeutic benefits. For centuries, it has been central to the lifestyle of many Asian cultures, and now, with the INADA range of massage chairs, it can be for your family as well. 

Here are some of the health benefits of having an INADA massage chair in your home: 

  • Helps correct your posture
  • Boosts energy and mental health 
  • Alleviates migraines/headaches 
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves sleep quality 
  • Enhances blood circulation 
  • Reduces muscle tension and pain 
  • Can aid with fibromyalgia and polymyalgia 

Designed For You by Expert Shiatsu Masters

INADA is the only massage chair company in the world whose product development is led 100% by professional Shiatsu therapists. Each massage will begin with an automatic Shiatsu point detection scan and has been choreographed to intelligently massage the right parts of your body with just the right touch. 


Our team has the knowledge and experience to educate you on the full range of INADA massage chairs and help decide which product is best suited for your needs and lifestyle. Once you decide to purchase a massage chair, we will do an overview with you to improve your understanding of the product so you can truly make the most of it in your home.

After this, we will proceed with:

  • Your payment
  • Providing you with any necessary information on customer service and maintenance
  • A discussion on our customer referral and VIP programs

Whatever you require, you can rest assured that when you work with Rejuuv Environments, you will get industry-leading guarantees, support, and service.


Robo Therapina

Features Include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hybrid Mechanism
  • Artificial Intelligence Analysis
  • Facial Recognition
  • Noise Reduction Dome
  • HD Speakers
  • Flat Bed Recline Position
  • Automatic detection of shiatsu points
  • Three-dimensional motion like human hands
  • Five-finger kneading massage
  • Very Quiet Massage

Inada Dreamwave

Features Include:

  • Optical Body Scanning Mechanism
  • Full Arm Massage
  • Iliotibial Band Airbag Massage
  • True 3D Back Massage
  • Trapezia massage
  • Roller Massage
  • Dreamwave seat airbag technology
  • Award-winning Body Design and Style
  • Neck airbag

Robo Therapina

Mechanical and AI Technology Comes Together to Provide Additional Joints to Better Replicate In-Person Massage
When a professional masseuse attends to your muscles, they vary their rhythm based on muscle stiffness and personal preference. When a massage therapist is at work they’re actively changing the pressure used, speed, and direction of their hands. Using adaptable, rhythmic movements to match the massage technique to the issue being addressed. The internal mechanisms and software in this massage chair can master and reproduce subtle movements just like a professional massage practitioner can.

The Robo Therapina’s AI detects muscle stiffness and adjusts its massage according to your physical needs.At any given time during your massage, the artificial intelligence mechanism adjusts its massage to the best strength and speed for your needs. It will adjust based on the condition of your muscles, your unique size and shape, and how stiff you are. Even the speed adjusts as it takes in data regarding the load received by the rollers during a massage. This way, it can tend to stiff areas with slow, precise movements and relaxed areas with increased speed for better circulation.

Every Time Someone Sits in the Chair, It Automatically Locates Their Unique Shiatsu Points.
The automatic shiatsu point search system automatically detects shiatsu points across the body of each person who uses the chair, regardless of height, body type, or other differences among individuals. With a thorough knowledge of your body type, the roller positions are adjusted so that your massage stimulates each point accurately.


Our team has always been driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits that it brings to the body and soul. At Rejuuv Environments, we provide you with the resources, information, and world-class products you need to achieve the optimal night’s sleep, recharge your energy and tackle the day ahead. Headquartered in Calgary, AB, we are proud to serve all of Canada.

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What warranty and care can I expect when I purchase an INADA chair?

Each chair has a competitive 5 year limited Inada warranty: 1 year comprehensive, 3 years parts, and 5 years on the structure.

How long will my INADA chair last with daily use?

INADA massage chairs are extremely high-quality chairs. They are designed and built to last for 10-15 years.

How can I get the best price on an INADA massage chair?

We offer Rejuuv YYC packages and Rejuuv Whole Environment Special Pricing Packages, so you can enjoy the incredible benefits of the INADA massage chair at a great price.


A good night’s sleep is essential to living a healthier and happier life and our goal is to help our customers carefully curate the most luxurious, pleasant, and comfortable environment so they can enjoy a more restful sleep.

Whatever your needs, we follow a personalized and careful process to find the best sleep solutions for you and your loved ones. To get started, contact us at (403) 252-4146 or view our suite of products below.


Rejuuv is committed to helping you discover what's missing from your sleep environment and advise on what you need to invest in to create a superior sleeping experience. When you choose Rejuuv Environments you can rest easy knowing that you've partnered with our team of experienced sleep experts providing world-class products.


All Rejuuv customers will receive expert consultation on the most important criteria when crafting their ideal sleep environment. We help you find the right, world-class Rejuuv products that will provide optimal ergonomics and comfort for your particular physiology, age, and body composition, thus resulting in a next-level sleep experience.


Our sleep experts are more than happy to offer knowledge, tips, and tools for getting better, more fulfilling rest. We know that being well-rested is essential to not just getting through the day but thriving in it. We can educate you on the different sleep systems and products to find what is best for your body.


We are committed to curating the most comfortable and advanced sleep products from quality manufacturers. All of our products are industry-leading and crafted from years of expertise and research, ensuring you achieve the perfect space to sleep for you and your family.


We want to make it as easy and simple for you to create your dream sleeping environment which is why our shopping experience is designed to be as educational, transformative, positive, and fun as possible. You’ll even be able to test out all the products to ensure you find exactly what you need.


We've been trusted by our customers to provide an industry-leading experience backed by world-class products to create and support optimal sleep environments. Take a look at what some of our valued customers have had to see about working with our team at Rejuuv Environments.


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Gord and his team at Rejuuv Environmentals were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Their knowledge of sleep systems ad air pucrification products was invaluable. I would highly recomment!


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Our team has always been driven by a passion for sleep and the benefits that it brings to the body and soul. At Rejuuv Environments, we provide you with the resources, information, and world-class products you need to achieve the optimal night’s sleep, recharge your energy and tackle the day ahead. Headquartered in Calgary, AB, we are proud to serve all of Canada.


We know that every person has different needs when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep. That’s why we believe in creating a personalized sleeping space that is adapted to each customer and our products can provide the optimal ergonomics, comfort, and support to help you achieve excellent sleep, night after night.  To get started, contact us at (403) 252-4146 or fill in our online contact form.